Monday, December 14, 2009

One semester down...

Um....hey. My name's Ryan. You may not remember me. I'm the guy who used to write on this blog. In case you forgot about me, let me refresh your memory; I'm 23, I love Jesus, and I'm now finished with my first semester of dental school. :D

Let me apologize for abandoning my blog for the last 3 months. I thought about writing off and on, but honestly, I just had way too much to keep up with for school. Long story short...I love dental school, but it's hard. To say I'm relieved that the semester is over would be a huge understatement. I really needed a break. Mentally, I'm exhausted, which makes sense because I've been in school since July. And I think I just need a break from Louisville in general. I love the city now. But I associate it with stress too, so it's good to get away for a while and just relax. I miss people though. But anyway, nothing too exciting in my life other than school. I study all the time. At least it feels like it. Such is the life of a dental student.

But now it's Christmas time, so forget about school. I've loved being home without having to worry about studying or anything like that. It's so good to just relax with my family. And plus, it's Christmas, and that makes it 100x better. :) Now I just need to focus on what it's really about, because for the last few years, it's become about a long break from school, and time to hang out with friends without school getting in the way, and sadly about getting stuff. How selfish is that? Of course I know that we celebrate Jesus coming to Earth as a baby, but for some reason that's never on the forefront of my mind as of late. But that's an issue for me and God.

Oh, and I recently celebrated an anniversary. Friday, December 18th was the one year anniversary of when I had my gallbladder removed. It's been a good year without that little green, pear-shaped sac of bile. However, it still bothers me from the grave. Nothing big, just the occasional pain in my side where it used to live, phantom limb kind of thing. Or maybe phantom organ...anyway, it's annoying more than anything.

So yeah. I'm back, temporarily anyway. I plan on fully enjoying my break from school. I've already made a trip to BG, and I've already started catching up with some friends from home. Lots of family time already too, which means a LOT of screaming cousins running around the house like a bunch of monkeys on crack...gotta love em though!! This break is much shorter than what I'm used to from WKU though. Used to get 5-6 weeks off, and now I get 3. Not complaining though! I start back Jan. 4th, so I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the few weeks I have left. One semester down, 7 more to go! And if this semester was any indication, they are gonna FLY by. Whoever said that time moves faster the older you get was definitely right. Not so sure I like that...haha.



sabrina said...

congrats on being done with school! (well for the semester i mean...)

the first 18 years of life are as slow as dirt... and then someone hits fast forward!

loved the phantom organ reference... so crony and you ryan peace! hey, remember that post where you talked to things in your room?? hahahahahaha

Peace said...

Sabrina, i can't write a post without a corny Ryan Peace should know this by now. :) i may have to write a new version of the things in my room. in fact, i may even title it that. there are so many new things to talk things, haha. hope you and Mr. Pate have a Merry Christmas!! miss you guys!