Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let the panic begin

So there's this thing called dental school that I applied for over the summer. I've had my interviews, they went well, so I'm done and have nothing else to worry about. That was my view up until, oh, yesterday. For those who don't know, dental schools across the nation are allowed to send out their first letters of acceptance on December 1st- 3 weeks from yesterday. That realization, along with the fact that there are so many applicants from my school alone this year, made me start feeling nervous. Since my first interview back in September, I had the mindset of everything will work out how it's supposed to, I did my best, if I don't get in it's not the end of the world, if it's God's will it will happen....very positive and optimistic to say the least. Yesterday, the thoughts that flooded my mind were more like what if I don't get in, what if there are too many better qualified applicants, what if something with the application service screws up and they can't send me a letter...panic mode was setting in.

I started voicing my thoughts to my friends, and they have been nothing but encouraging to me. Today alone, so many people have offered words that have made me see the positives again. One friend in particular said "You can't mess up God's plans." That really struck me. I have no idea if God's plan is for me to go to dental school- I do think it is though. He's given me such a passion for dentistry and for serving through that. However if dental school isn't in His plan, He'll open doors for me when dental school doesn't work out. The best part of it all is that I don't need to worry about it. I've done my part, and I gave it my best shot- the rest is not up to me. God is in control, and I can take joy in that, regardless of the outcome on December 1st. Of course, I'm still praying for the best. :)

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