Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tribute to the 1940s

If you could choose any other time period to live in, what would it be? My answer: the 1940's.

I love the sound of the 40's. The music then was just great to listen to. I love listening to Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Glenn Miller. I love listening to Michael Buble too- he pretty much has the same sound as them for the most part. I just love that jazzy, big band, easy-going sound. You can just sit back, relax, and sing along if you like, or if the mood strikes you, you can get up and dance.
And you have to admit that the dancing back then was awesome. Big band, jazz, swing, jitterbugs- you just don't get that much now days.

The way the people dressed back then was just cool. I would love it we dressed like that. The guys always looked classy. Khaki pants, loafers, sweaters and button down shirts, awesome hats- it was just cool. And the ladies- man, if girls of today dressed like that, that would be awesome. Now first let clarify that I think ladies of today look beautiful too; with that being said, the dresses they wore back then were classy like the guys, but they gave them an air of sophisication and innocence that most women's clothing today doesn't give. They were modest and still looked beautiful.

I think I also love the 40's because of WWII. It's my favorite American war. I love movies like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. That generation did so much for our nation, and I doubt we will ever see a generation of men like that ever again. I have nothing but respect for those who fought in that war, as well as all of our soldiers today.

It was just a simpler, different time in the 40's. I feel so blessed to have been born in the 80's, grown up in the 90's, and experience the new millenium as a teenager and young adult. We still live in a great nation, and we have technologies that people back then would have never dreamed of. But there's just something to be said about a time when you had to work hard to earn a living, when patriotism was something to be valued, when family values were important, and when God was still a priority in the American home.

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