Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This day in history

Whether you voted for him or not, today's inauguration of President Barack Obama is an exciting and historic day. Most people who know me know that I did not vote for him back in November. However, that will not keep me from soaking in the history of this day. I love American history. I love studying the American Revolution and the Civil War. I loved studying the Declaration of Independence, the drafting of the Constitution, and so many other events in history that helped to shape our nation. I'm glad that I'm able to witness this day and understand the implications that it brings. 40 years ago, African Americans weren't allowed to use the same bathroom as white people, and today, we have our first African American president. Like him or not, he has overcome many barriers, and I respect him for that. I really do hope that he does well in office. I pray that he makes the right decisions for our great nation. I pray that he leads with integrity and that he bases his decisions on what is best for the nation, not the best for his party. It's time for Americans to look beyond party lines and band together. That is what makes our nation historically great. No matter what your political standing, America is nation that boasts freedom and deomcracy. I'm proud to be an American.

That being said, I don't agree with all of President Obama's views. I will however respect him and the office he holds, and I'll pray for him and his family. No matter who you are, being the President of the United States is a tough job that comes with a lot of pressure. As a Christian, I support my leaders, regardless of who they are. I know that ultimately, God's will will be done. I pray that President Obama will seek guidance from the Lord, and that God will continue to bless this nation and our president, like He always has.

That brings me to another point. The President of the United States deserves to be shown respect. It kind of saddened me that President Bush was booed when he was announced. (I didn't hear any, but that's what I've read.) I know that he leaves office as one of the most unpopular presidents in our history, but that is no reason to boo him. I know that a lot of his decisions and actions have been criticized over the years, but he has done a lot for this nation, like him or not. He has nothing but absolute respect for the men and women of our armed forces. He fears the Lord, and he is friendly and gracious to everyone he meets. I really loved watching him leave the capitol building with Laura as they were escorted out by the Obamas. Despite all that President Obama criticized him for during the election, you can tell that they have developed a friendly relationship and that President Obama appreciates all he has done for him in the past few months. President Bush truly is a good man. I've watched fondly as they've shown him boarding the helicopter to head to Andrews AFB, and then as he boarded what used to be known as Air Force One. President Bush was the first president that I voted for. I like the man, I really do. Criticize me for my views, but I truly appreciate all that he has done for our nation over the last 8 years. No, not all of his decisions have been wise ones, but whose have?? Even President Obama admits that he WILL make mistakes during his term. Everyone does- we're human. I say all of this to say that whether you like the man or not, the least you can do is show him some respect. President Obama has been nothing but gracious to him. I know that some people detest him, but he has led this nation during some tough times. 9/11 and the largely unpopular war that followed have not made for an easy presidency. It does make me feel better that over 70% of the nation does feel that he's a good person, despite his low approval ratings the last few years. (Sorry for the rant...it just irritates me a little.)

So, to President Bush: enjoy your time with your family, and relax. The last 8 years have been tough, and you deserve the break. Thank you for all you've done for our nation, and God bless.

And to President Obama: good luck and God bless. I wish you nothing but the best during your time as President, and I truly hope you do well. I pray that God will bless you and your family and that he will guide you every step of the way.

God Bless America. :)

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Berea Jenks said...

I used to be the kind of person that criticize Bush for all the stuff that he did wrong. But it took him going out of office to realize that his entire stay in office was not a complete and total failure. To see Obama respect him so reminded me that I should have done the same while he was in office. I realize now that I have no right to criticize what the President did. For one I did not vote for him, and two given the circumstances I probably would have done a worse job than he did.

Thank you for posting this, it seems that we all have learned a lot from this election and needless to say its going to be an interesting 4 years.