Sunday, September 27, 2009

Always a silver lining

So I had a pretty rough week. I spent most of the week in a funk, not really sure if I'm supposed to be in dental school. It's been one of those weeks where I wondered if I'm following God's will or if I'm just doing my own thing and convincing myself that it's God's will. And it rained all week. Funks and rain don't mix well my friends. School is getting tougher, and next year will be even harder...oh the things to look forward to. Last night, I found out that one of my good buddies from WKU, Paul, has my former Sunday school guys in his small group at Living Hope. I got really jealous and felt kinda left out, if that makes sense. And I'm still driving a rental car because my car is still in the shop getting fixed from my accident that happened 3 weeks ago. And did I mention that school is getting tougher? Pretty much at least an exam a week for who know how many weeks, quizzes pretty much everyday, and an overwhelming amount of notes to study, plus our upcoming competencies in operative class over cavity preparations that I'm still not doing so hot at.

But on the plus side of things...

I love my classmates. We had our Ball Off the Belle last night, and my classmates are so much fun to be around. The upperclassmen are great too...well, the few of 'em that I know. But it was a lot of fun and was a good way to end the week...relaxing and having fun. And I got out of my funk. God is good, and I still feel as if He wants me there for now...hopefully until I finish school, lol. That was confirmed last night at the Ball. I invited 2 good friends from WKU who are classmates here in Louisville to the Post with me this past Tuesday. They loved it, and said they both really enjoyed the worship and the preaching. And last night, while I was dancing with one of them, she thanked me for inviting them and told me they want to start going every week because of the difference it made in her week this week. That immediately made my week better. And it's like my mom told me this week when I called to tell her I didn't wanna go to school anymore (because every guy calls his mom when he has a so called life crisis haha), Satan is probably making life hard for me because he wants to keep me from finishing school so I can't do God's work here and eventually do dental missions someday. And I invited friends to church...that probably didn't make him happy either. But our God is SO much bigger and more powerful than Satan, and God's will is done regardless of Satan's plans. Maybe I'm not the best student in my class, and that's more than ok with me. Maybe I don't have the best hand skills right now, but that's ok too because God can use me somehow to have an impact on the lives of my classmates, whether it be big or small. And I'll get better with time...just gotta practice. And yeah, school's tough, but I knew it would be going into it. Just gotta take it like a man and do my best. And about my former Sunday school guys...I was jealous at first because Paul gets to hang out with them now and lead them in Bible study, and I'm not really involved in their lives anymore. But you know what?? They've got a great leader in Paul. Paul's a great guy who really loves the Lord, and they're in good hands. God is taking care of 'em, and that alone makes my selfish feelings go away. And yeah, I'm driving a rental and would love to have the good 'ol Bonneville back already, but at least I have a car to drive for the time being.

God is good and He is faithful. He will never let me down, and when I need Him most, that's when He is at His best, and He's always at His best, let's be honest. The most powerful being in all of creation loves me, created me, gave His Son for me, wants me to spend eternity with Him, and is always on my side. I don't deserve it, but that's what makes it so great. He loves me, and that's enough for me anyday.

Guess it wasn't such a bad week afterall. :)

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