Friday, April 24, 2009

Greek life

So this week I experienced some firsts in my college career. Actually, make that this year. I attended my first ADPi crush dance back in February after being invited for the past 2 years, and this week, I went to my first Spring Sing and Tug for Greek Week. I loved every minute of it. People have told me they could see me being in a fraternity, but I never really saw myself in one. I could now. But I'm a senior...kinda late for that. Not that I didn't have an opportunity to join. I could have joined FIJI and helped them colonize back in the fall, but being BCM president, I really didn't think I would have time. While I could have made time and just managed everthing better, I think I made the right decision, looking back. It would have been a stressful year. But I digress.

Since my freshman year, I've been fascinated, you could say, by Greek life on campus. I've always had many friends in sororities and more recently fraternities. Homecoming and Greek Week always make Greek life so appealing, to me anyway. I just love the excitement they all have about competing with/against one another and the pride they have for their organizations. It's really fun to stand back and watch them. I've lived across the hall from sorority girls for the last 2 years and they are great girls. They're fun to be around and know how to make people laugh...I love em. And this year, I've loved getting to know other Greeks as well. A lot of freshmen who are a part of BCM have joined different frats and sororities this year. Through them and connections we've made in the past, we've been able to start Bible studies in certain organizations and allow some to use our building for different events. They are so much fun to minister to. When most Christian college students think of Greeks, they think of unreachable, stereotypical college kids who want to party all the time...not true at all. While it may be hard to initially reach out to them, once you've made that first connection, so many doors are opened. I think that BCM has really worked to change the perception that many Greeks have had of us in the past by getting out there, joining up with them, and supporting them in their different events and philantropies. And like I said, we've let at least 4 different Greek organizations use our building this year for initiations, weekly meetings, Spring Sing practices, etc. We've made ourselves available and open to them, and they are doing the same for us. It's awesome. I love the Greeks on our campus.

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