Thursday, March 5, 2009

A poem at 2 am

So I may regret this when I read it after I've slept, but I really wanted to get on here and write a poem after I've been awake for 19 hours going on only 4 hours of sleep. And I haven't posted in a while. So, here we go.....

Preface: If this poem is really dumb, and odds are it will be, I apologize. It will probably be funny (or not) in my head, and therefore you may think its dumb. So while I'm sorry, I also don't care. It's my blog and my poem, so there. I need to go to bed....

My 2 am Poem

I made an apple pie today. It was really yummy.
The weather is warmer and it makes me happy.
UK lost today, and that just made me sad.
They lost to Georgia, and that makes me sadder.
At least the pie was good!

I have a midterm tomorrow in my Histo lab.
It will be a tough one.
I probably should have studied more.
But at 2 am, I don't really care.
So there.

Spring Break is almost here.
And that makes me excited.
I'm going home to Etown, which doesn't have a beach.
I wanna go to a beach.
I like Spring Break.

I'm tired.
I need sleep.
Morning will come early.
But that's ok, because it's almost Spring Break.
I like Spring Break.

This 2 am poem is coming to a close.
Because Ryan is tired.
And this poem is really ridiculous and needs to be stopped.
So I'm stopping it.
And going to bed.

The End

I hope you enjoyed my poem. When I read this again after getting some rest, I'll join you in thinking that this was really dumb. However, it's also for your reading pleasure. So I hope you at least giggled as you read. Let's face it, it's not laugh out loud funny. But I hope my sleepy rambling gave you a grin. And I'm done. :)


From the Heart said...

go dawgs ;)

emily said...

So I definitely think you should stay up until 2am more often and write lots more poems and publish a book. That was amazing.. Ha ha