Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pointless late night ramblings

You know those times when you're really tired and you wanna go to bed so you can sleep but you just can't make yourself get in the bed?? Yep...that's happening. Right now. And it's 1 AM. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a poem when I should have been in bed, but not this time. (mainly because I just tried and what I came up with was crap) Instead, I've decided to pick out random objects in my room and voice my thoughts to them, as if I can talk to them. Which technically, I can. People would just think I'm strange, talking to inanimate objects and all. So naturally, it appeals to me. I late night ramblings to stuff in my room, as promised.

Girl Scout cookies: I like you a whole lot. Especially since you're Samoas. The other kinds are good, but you are definitely my favorite. :)

Candy cigarettes: I'm so glad I found you for only 19 cents at the gas station the other night. You bring back so many memories from childhood, and I'm sure I'll be seeing more of you in the near future.

Man-to-Man night ticket: Seeing you excites me, because I know you're going to get me some unlimited barbeque at Living Hope tomorrow night. Mmm.

Risk (the boardgame): I miss you friend. I haven't played with you in a while. I promise I'll change that soon.

Flip flops: Did I tell you I've started to call you my flippy-floppies? I got it from a song. I think it's a great nickname, so I hope you don't mind. But I'm glad I've been able to wear you a lot this week. I missed you.

Stamps: I bought a lot of you, and I don't mail stuff out that much. Hope you don't mind some quality time on my desk.

Lamp: You blew your bulb, and honestly I'm kinda mad at you right now. I'm too lazy/busy to get to the store to buy a new bulb, and I don't wanna steal one from the living room like last time, so I'm being forced to use that light on my ceiling that's attached to the fan. We don't get along too well...he just doesn't give off that comfortable, homey vibe you got going.

Red towels: I love you guys. All 10 of you. You bring so much school spirit to the room, and you remind me of so many things about WKU. You're the best.

Aladdin and Mr. Incredible: What up fellas? (judge me)

Bed: I like you a whole lot, and if it weren't considered illegal since you technically belong to College Suites and I would be stealing you, I would take you to Louisville to live with me when I move up there. You're just so comfortable, and I look forward to our time together every night.

This concludes this edition of Ryan's pointless late night ramblings.

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