Sunday, May 31, 2009

Light show

As I was driving home to Etown tonight from BG, I got to witness probably one of the coolest things ever. I mentioned before that I enjoy thunderstorms. Well one thing that fascinates me about them is lightning. When we hit the road in BG, not even on I-65 yet, you could see a little bit of lightning over the west and to the north. Once we got on the interstate, we were able to see more, and the farther north we drove, the more intense it got. It was one of those times where I wished I wasn't driving because I wanted to sit back and watch. We got to see it all; the entire sky lit up at times, and at others there would be huge, jagged, bright streaks that would hurt your eyes. My favorites though were when you could see clouds silhouetted by the lightning flashing behind it. It was seriously incredible to watch. And it didn't rain at all until the last 10 minutes of the drive, so that made it even better. I thought it was pretty awesome that you could see all of this happening from BG, 76 miles away from the action. Just awesome.

Watching God's creation just blows me away. I know that a lot of people are scared of storms, and they can be really violent, but tonight, I was just amazed at the show He put on for us. It was beautiful, and it did nothing but remind me that our God is an amazing, creative, and powerful being. And He loves us...awesome, right?? :)

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